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About Us

B.S Innovation has been on the top for many years for its quality work and products that have been supplied to the clients. We work in a unique way to satisfy our clients with the supreme services. We continuously strive to give our clients the best that they can imagine. We manufacture the world-class honeycombs that have been designed keeping in mind the latest pattern coated with the custom laminations to protect it from the outside factors. We are dedicated to our work and our top most priority is “the delivery on time”. Because of our service, we are one of the best manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the honeycombs in India.

Our best offers include:

B.S Innovation Specializes in manufacturing the Aluminium Honeycomb Cores and Aluminium Honeycomb Panels. Our knowledge of the lamination and extensive material helps us to provide our customers with myriad composite panel possibilities among which they can choose the best.

Combining your requirements with our experience we offer you:

  • Design Consultation
  • Prototyping and Production of the products
  • Custom Lamination of the products
  • Oversize and Complex Manufacturing according to the requirements of the clients
  • Delivery of the product on the right time
  • A skilled team which is dedicated to Quality
  • Good Material Knowledge which helps in the production of some best quality Aluminium Honeycombs,

Best quality Honeycombs since ages

Being the best Honeycombs manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India, B.S Innovations manufactures and supplies honeycomb panels from a range of material combinations, most commonly aluminium, polypropylene or polycarbonate cores with the size of the cells, core density and the thicknesses, each having its own unique benefit, whether extreme lightness, rigidity, fire resistance, acoustic damping, impact resilience or thermal properties.

Features of Honeycombs that we manufacture:

  • Excellent Strength of the products

The unique Honeycomb structure features many interconnecting shapes creating

a very strong panel, resistant to the adverse condition and other pressures.

  • Light Weight

 The Honeycomb structure in our panel dramatically reduces the weight of the

finished Products and makes it light for the carrying and using purpose.

If you are looking for the supreme quality of honeycombs products then contact us, we are running our manufacturing unit in New Delhi.

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Aluminium Honeycomb

We manufacture International quality Aluminium Honeycomb

"We have been manufacturing International quality Honeycombs for years. Our products are all manually tested right according to the International standards, offering a sense of expertise with a Global Distribution Network."