Aluminium Honeycomb

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Aluminium Honeycomb

Honeycombs made of Aluminium at B.S Innovation

B.S. Innovation has in-house factory in New Delhi, India with world class machinery (imported from over 7 countries) to produce high quality Aluminium Honeycomb products like Panels, Sandwich Panel, Composite Panel, Core, Sheets etc.

B.S Innovation being the leading manufacturer, supplier and manufacturer of India, specifies Aluminum its major metal for manufacturing the honeycombs. We have the expertise in the customized Aluminium Honeycombs Cores. Aluminum honeycomb cores offer the best mechanical properties for the lowest weight and cost.

Surface of the Aluminium Honeycombs

“The surface of the Aluminium Honeycombs Panels are made of aluminium alloy plates roller coated with PVDF while in the middle are the Aluminium Honeycombs that meet the international aeronautical standards”. Our products are specially made with the cold-blue and hot-press technology.

Extremely rigid

“We manufacture the rigid quality of the Honeycomb panel and our products are the Aluminium sandwich sort of panel with the high rigidity and extremely low weight”. It is the ideal material for most of the applications in architecture, transportation, display or industrial production. We are the foremost manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India and backed by our manufactory in New Delhi.

Aluminium Honeycomb Panels View Detail

B.S Innovation manufactures lightweight, structural composite sandwich board that adds strength to the primary and secondary panels. It saves time and reducing labour in production. At B.S Innovation, Aluminium honeycomb panels are manufactured and stocked to standard dimensions and in the most popular composite materials.

Aluminium Honeycomb Sandwich Panel View Detail

We manufacture aluminium honeycomb sandwich panel which is a sandwich-structured composite panel that is the special class of composite materials and is fabricated by attaching two stiff skins over the lightweight panel that is thick too.

Aluminium Honeycomb Composite Panel View Detail

B.S Innovation always works for the clients and engage in offering a wide range of Aluminium Honeycomb composite Panel. Our offered honeycomb panel is well-manufactured by the use of sophisticated technology and quality material in our fully fledged production unit.

Aluminium Honeycomb Core View Detail

Aluminium honeycomb core can be used in the machines like the lightweight panels and in the airflow ventilation along with the property that it can be used as a deflector for laminar flow ventilation and as the crash absorber for kinetic energy.

Aluminium Honeycomb Sheets View Detail

Aluminum honeycomb Sheets that we manufacture is precisely designed for the perfection. These products find extensive use in the various industries and have gained popularity for their excellent features that make them unique.

Why Aluminium Honeycomb View Detail

The surface of the Aluminium Honeycombs are made of aluminium alloy plates which is further coated with the PVDF skin. Our products are specially made with the cold-blue and hot-press technology that make them more durable and non-transient in nature.

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Aluminium Honeycomb

We manufacture International quality Aluminium Honeycomb

"We have been manufacturing International quality Honeycombs for years. Our products are all manually tested right according to the International standards, offering a sense of expertise with a Global Distribution Network."