Application Area/Usage

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Application Area/Usage

At B.S innovation, we manufacture the honeycomb products that are of high quality and used in many applications. As we are the noteworthy manufacturer, supplier and the exporter of Aluminium honeycombs, we mould our products in such a way that they can be used in many fields. We are running our production unit in New Delhi.

Aluminium Honeycombs are used in architecture:

  • Facade or curtain wall cladding
  • Interior Decoration
  • Ceilings
  • Furniture materials
  • Tabletop/Kitchen
  • Washing top/Doors
  • Elevators
  • Partition walls

In the Transportation:

  • Commercial Vehicles/Trucks
  • Boat Hulls and boat decoration
  • Railways floors/doors/interiors/Fairing Panels
  • Aircraft door and hatches
  • Floor panels
  • Racing car chase

In the Clean Rooms:

  • Aluminium honeycombs panels chosen for the microelectronic clean rooms
  • They are non-outgassing, non-particle shedding, anti static as well as light weight and also noncombustible.

In the Industry:

  • Lightweight containers
  • Machine tools cabin
  • Wind tunnels
  • Platform lifts and the elevators


Sliding doors

B.S Innovation manufactures the sliding doors that are of high standard and provide a pleasing appearance to the clients. Aluminium is considered as the ideal element for the modern design. We are the supreme manufacturers, supplier and exporters of the Aluminium doors in India and the magic wand behind this is our production house which is in New Delhi. Here we manufacture all our wonderful products.

Internal Hinged Doors

An aluminium hinged door used in your office or home adds the sophistication that complements your surroundings. Though the hinged doors that are made up of the aluminium look very traditional and simple but these are enough to provide elegance to your home or surrounding area.

Handcrafted doors

Whether the sliding doors or the hinged doors, these can be easily handcrafted making it a tough look. Being the top-class manufacturer, supplier and the exporters in India, we believe in working according to the client’s requirements and give our best to deliver world-class aluminium doors.


In the kitchen, the Aluminium honeycombs are used in making the kitchen cabinets for the crockeries and other stuff. Because of the qualities that we manufacture our products with, they are so hard and rigid that can be used in the whole kitchen especially as the stuff holder.

Whatever we manufacture here in our production unit, we make it durable and most important recyclable. Our products can be recycled after they have been used. These qualities of our kitchen special products make B.S Innovation, a leading honeycomb manufacturer, supplier and the exporter in India.

Properties of the honeycombs that are used in our kitchen:

  • Light structure
  • Resistant and strong compression
  • Incombustible which makes our products safe and sound
  • Recyclable even after the use
  • Good Electrical and thermal conductor to prevent any energy jerk.
  • Excellent flatness to be fit into easily
  • Corrosion resistant to make it durable


We strive to deliver you the best honeycomb panel

B.S Innovations provides honeycomb aluminium panel which meets the international standards. Honeycomb panels can be used in the interior and exteriors walls for the decoration purpose. We can supply all types of honeycomb aluminium panels which are dimensionally accurate and deliver quality performance. You can contact us or directly visit our manufactory in New Delhi.

B.S Innovation offers our manufacturing services that can provide a unique Aluminium honeycomb panel solutions for you such as:

  • Cold and Hot Lamination
  • Welding process
  • Finished Edges
  • Adhesive Bonding and Assembly
  • Powder Coating
  • Forming
  • Destructive and Nondestructive Testing

We are the prime Honeycomb panels manufacturer, supplier and the exporter in India.

Partition Walls

Properties of the partition walls

Partition Walls are manufactured with the decorative laminate faces and are the certified Aluminium honeycomb panel which is reinforced with the aluminium sheet. Strain-hardened hexagonal aluminium honeycomb is itself very light in weight but it can carry shear loads and possess the optimum mechanical properties.

We develop high-performance partition walls at B.S Innovation

Manufacturing the Aluminium partition walls with the advanced adhesive technology has made B.S Innovation the top leading manufacturer, supplier and the exporter in India. We run our workshop in New Delhi and develop high-performance partition walls for the interior applications.

Dimensions of the partition walls panels

The thickness of the panels or the partition walls can range from 4mm to 75mm and these properties enable our clients to work with the most weight efficient and cost effective partition walls panels.

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