Industrial Application Based Material For Varied Usage

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Industrial Application Based Material For Varied Usage
  • By Sambhav Sawhney
  • Posted 30-01-2018

Industrial Application Based Material For Varied Usage

Industrial requirements can be varied and many. It depends on the use and the advantage of the material that is being used. Aluminium honeycomb is a recyclable material which is having good mechanical properties. They are light weight and environment friendly.

But only these properties do not make the honeycomb useful. But where to use these materials? These light weight panels are good for the air flow ventilations. They are also used as the working surface for the automatic machines. It is also best used as deflector for laminar flow ventilation. Also used as crash absorber for kinetic energy, aluminium honeycombs panels are thus have huge usage. Aerospace industry finds these materials as very useful. It ensures the safety and the longevity with strength for the varied application.

Properties of the honeycomb of aluminium

Aluminum honeycombs panels manufacturer finds its high demand in the aerospace industries. The honey comb particularly of the aluminium finds useful for being light weight. But at the same time it is quite stiff to provide the required strength. The material that it is being manufactured has the highest strength to weight ratio. Here are some properties that make it more demanding for use:

  • They are non moisture absorbent. Hence resistant to the mould and fungal growth
  • Resistance to heat and temperature fluctuation is very less
  • Compression resistance is also high
  • Manufactured from recycled product.
  • It is resistant to corrosion to corrosion and fire too.

Varied applications of the honey comb panels

Aluminium honeycomb composite panel suppliers Delhi ensures that the panels are manufactured form the mostly recycled material. Thus they are most environment friendly making proper usage of the materials. So the aerospace industry finds its maximum application. Some of the fields are the aircraft heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Critical substructures of rocket, jets and aircrafts are being made with this material.