Appliances Of Aaluminum Honeycomb

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Appliances of Aaluminum Honeycomb
  • By Sambhav Sawhney
  • Posted 27-03-2019

Appliances Of Aaluminum Honeycomb

 Aluminum honeycomb panels and products are being the next big thing with its properties of light weight, strength and durability that makes it the perfect to be used for more than one things. While at the beginning these were used just for interior or exterior walls, today its widely used in many other industries. Some of its appliances include:

  1. Architecture

Aluminum Honeycomb Sheets and panels are often used in construction works. They are used to make ceilings for subway stations, large shopping malls and conference rooms. Further they are also used to divide walls, as soundproof panels and even for portable restaurants and homes. Their unique characterization of vibration dampening can be used to reduce the causalities and property loss that happens during earthquake. In fact, cities prone to earthquake use aluminum honeycomb panels to build their structures.

  1. Aviation, ships and high speed vehicles

Aluminum honeycomb board is widely used in aviation, aerospace and transportation. It is used for making cockpit, cargo floor and door partitions for airlines and ships. These can effectively reduce the weight and makes it easier for improving the moving parts. These are sturdy and sound proof is another advantage to use them for the industry.

  1. Furniture

Furniture and product design is a fast growing industry. Light weight furniture are becoming a trend today, all thanks to aluminum honeycombs. Due to its properties of light weight, rigidity, moisture control etc, there are highly recommended for furniture. Hybrid tables and chairs, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets are some of the recommendable furniture. The furniture is made by having the honeycomb in middle of the face sheet of choice in such a way that no compromise is done on the looks and decoration either.

There are many aluminum honeycomb manufacturers that produce the panels and boards according to your needs. getting in touch with a reputed one can help you.