Design Furniture Using Products From Honeycomb Panel Manufacturers In Delhi

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Design Furniture Using Products From Honeycomb Panel Manufacturers In Delhi
  • By Sambhav Sawhney
  • Posted 04-12-2017

Design Furniture Using Products From Honeycomb Panel Manufacturers In Delhi

When you are looking for aluminium honeycomb panel, click on to the website of Honeycomb Panels Manufacturers in Delhi and explore through a variety of aluminium honeycomb panels. It is one of the most famous honeycomb manufacturing and supplying company that produces its products in a vast range at a reasonable range. It is generally utilized in the furniture industry and perhaps stands as the best option for panel-type furniture.

Features Of Aluminium Honeycomb Panels

The successful renowned company of Honeycomb Panels Manufacturers in Delhi provides some exclusive alluring features. 

  1. 3 proofs – one of the most important features of aluminium honeycomb panels is it 3 tier resistance, that is, moisture proof, moth proof and fireproof.
  2. Lightweight with good strength – the hexagonal structure reduces its weight. This remarkable feature is extremely significant for quite large, long and broad furniture. Hence, the end product is naturally no more clumsy or heavy but can be shifted from one place to another, reducing your monotony of keeping furniture in the same place for ages.
  3. Eco-friendly – an Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is environment-friendly and does not produce any harmful gases. Babies need not be kept out of it.
  4. Free from thermal expansion and attenuation effect – mostly, wooden furniture tend to get distorted during variations in weather conditions. But, no change is brought to aluminium honeycomb furniture under any alteration of the environment. The originality remains intact and durability is heightened.
  5. Easily molded – although the aluminium panels are bendable but remain firm enough to be processed into varied sizes and to some quirky designs.

Facets Of Aluminium Honeycomb Panels Used For Furniture

  • Aluminium skin thickness – 0.5 mm – 4 mm
  • Total thickness – 4 mm – 600 mm
  • Length – 300 mm – 6000 mm
  • Width – 300 mm – 1500 mm
  • Special sizes available when ordered for.

Therefore, by now it is understood that the denser the panel, the more beneficial the aluminium panel appears to be. About the size of honeycomb panel market, it depends on the particular aluminium honeycomb panel you buy. To serve the purpose of packaging products, hex cell comb structure between 2 Kraft skin layers are used. You can also avail the facility of connecting with the team over the phone or via mails to discuss your requirements.