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Sliding doors

B.S Innovation manufactures the sliding doors that are of high standard and provide a pleasing appearance to the clients. Aluminium is considered as the ideal element for the modern design. We are the supreme manufacturers, supplier and exporters of the Aluminium doors in India and the magic wand behind this is our production house which is in New Delhi. Here we manufacture all our wonderful products.

Internal Hinged Doors

An aluminium hinged door used in your office or home adds the sophistication that complements your surroundings. Though the hinged doors that are made up of the aluminium look very traditional and simple but these are enough to provide elegance to your home or surrounding area.

Handcrafted doors

Whether the sliding doors or the hinged doors, these can be easily handcrafted making it a tough look. Being the top-class manufacturer, supplier and the exporters in India, we believe in working according to the client’s requirements and give our best to deliver world-class aluminium doors.

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Aluminium Honeycomb

We manufacture International quality Aluminium Honeycomb

"We have been manufacturing International quality Honeycombs for years. Our products are all manually tested right according to the International standards, offering a sense of expertise with a Global Distribution Network."