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Products And Services

B.S Innovation provides with the world-class services to our clients that are according to the requirements of the clients. Manufacturing is one of our services that include:

  • Manufacturing the aluminium honeycomb composite panel
  • Manufacturing the honeycomb core
  • Manufacturing the honeycomb panels
  • Manufacturing the sandwich panels
  • Manufacturing the Honeycomb sheets

After when we are done with the manufacturing process, we tend to check our products once again in order to prevent any mistake. We provide the supplying services to our customers. When the customer orders any product from our company, we deliver that product to the client on time.

We are the exporter also and export our products in the other country or different cities within the same country and help in the country’s FII creation process.

Remember, when you contact us, you deal with the world’s top leading service provider in India and we are the prime manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India.

Modular Kitchens View Detail

Giving the kitchen a modular and modern design, the Aluminium honeycombs are used in making the kitchen cabinets for the crockeries and other stuff. Because of the qualities that we manufacture our products with, they are so hard and rigid that can be used in the whole kitchen especially as the stuff holder.

Marble Table top View Detail

Since the time of Ancient Rome, marble provides a beautiful and elegant touch to any room. With our offered lightweight Honeycomb Marble Table Top, you can get that same look but with increased tensile strength and durability and only a fraction of the weight of solid stone.

Almirah View Detail

B.S Innovation manufactures a complete range of good quality Almirah that is of high standard and provides a pleasing appearance. Aluminium is considered as the ideal element for the modern design. We are the supreme manufacturers, supplier and exporters of the Aluminium and Honeycombs touched products in India.

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Aluminium Honeycomb

We manufacture International quality Aluminium Honeycomb

"We have been manufacturing International quality Honeycombs for years. Our products are all manually tested right according to the International standards, offering a sense of expertise with a Global Distribution Network."